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KINGDOM 505 [LSH] - League of Shadows

"Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team." John C. Maxwell

Therefore, with the above in mind, we will lay out the rules of our Team where violation of our rules may lead to eviction from the Team.

Allies and Family groups (do not attack the members of the groups listed below)

  1. PUB and their farms Pop, pub, Pub, 0ly, oly, OLI..
  2. OPG and their farms 0PG, opg...
  3. LSH and our farms Lsh, LsH...
  4. Non-aggression pack (NAP) oOo

Alliance Rules:

  1. Never attack members of our allies, our family or their farms. NOT EVEN in Killevent (KE)
  2. Non Aggression Pack (NAP) with any Alliance group in the Top 15. During Killevent (KE) this NAP is not valid. Each member is responsible for checking the status of an alliance prior to attacking.
  3. No tile hits - Do not attack anyone while they are farming, mining or camping. No exceptions.
  4. No building leaves - Do not garrison troops in enemy's structures, attack and remove troops.
  5. Players who do not belong to an alliance can be attacked at anytime.
  6. The excuse, I did not know this was a rule, will not be accepted.
  7. If you are unsure about an action or an attack, contact an R4/R5 and await a response prior to completing the action of attack.

Note: Scouting another player's castle is an act of war.

Responsibilities of each player:

  • Ensure your actions do not put the Alliance in danger by starting wars or conflicts.
  • Donate gun powder to the war strategies.
  • Teleport to Alliance hive.
  • Each of the player has an assigned slot within the hive. When teleporting into hive, do not take a slot belonging to another player. Ask prior to teleporting to an empty space.
  • Protect your castle, your troops and your resources.
  • Prior to attacking another player, check the player's Alliance tag message to see if they are friendly. Check our rules to see if the attack is an allowable attack.
  • Each member is expected to know and understand the rules and requirements this Alliance. if you do not understand any of the rules or requirements you must ask an R4/R5

Requirements to retain or keep membership:

  1. No offensive language or aggressive communication will be tolerated. Be respectful to all players within the game.
  2. Remain active. Any player who is absent from the game for longer than 3 days may be kicked out of the alliance. Each player may apply for an extended leave of absence longer than 3 days. Do this with someone in the R4/R5 team..
  3. Assist with Alliance growth through donations.
  4. Assist other Alliance members.
  5. Assist with Alliance building construction, when available.
  6. Participate in Alliance events.
  7. Follow the directions and decisions of the leadership team.
  8. Follow Alliance rules.


  • All events are held at 1900 hours UTC. Use Google to figure out what time this is in your local time zone.
  1. Underworld Gate (UW) read more
    • Event is held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1900UTC
    • A single Key donation is enough to collect any rewards from underworld gates.
    • UW Rallies will be led by Eddi, Big K, SaNo, Alex, Whisky or Marco
    • Each person will limit their troops to 5000 soldiers. During the event this number may change to fit the needs on the battlefield. Offenders will be evicted from evicted from the rally.
  1. Night Siege read more
    1. Event is held on Sunday at 1900UTC
    2. Follow the directions of the event leader
    3. Troops within Night Siege Underworld Gate will not affect the actions of our troops within Kingdom view.
  1. Red Guard Raid (RG Raid)
    • In round 10 and 20, troops being sent to the fortress will be limited to 25,000 troops. During the event this number may change to fit the needs on the battlefield. Offenders will be evicted from evicted from the fortress.
  2. Kill Event (KE)
    • This is the final stage of the GOLD EVENT
    • During this stage be sure to protect your troops & resources. Expect to be attacked!

Donation expectations:

  • Each member is expected to donate to the Alliance Knowledge each day. Remember, you have to grow your own castle and the alliance together. Minimum weekly donation per member is 15,732 donation points.
  • You can see your WEEKLY points by click on the ALLIANCE button >>> then MANAGE OR ADMINISTRATION >>> then DONATION RANKINGS

Using Alliance Chat:

  • We are a group of different nationalities, culture and languages. When speaking in Alliance Chat, please try to write in grammatical correct and complete sentences. Try to refrain from using local terms, local phases, and abbreviations.
  • Spelling errors may cause the translator to malfunction and lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings.
  • In situations were the game's translator is not functioning, please try to communicate in English. Using Google Translate or Deepl.com can assist with communication.

Grievance or Dispute:

  1. Conflict with another member in LSH. Use private messages through mail or chat, Try to resolve as mature adults. If no resolution is reached, and intervention is needed, please inform the Alliance's leadership team.
  2. Conflict with a member of another Alliance group, information a diplomat immediately.

LSH Leadership Team:

  • R5 - Picard (English)
  • R4 - Wye Aye Boy (English)
  • R4 - Showizz (Hindi & English)
  • R4 - Black Widow (English)
  • R4 - Lady Jane (German & English)
  • R4 - Big K (Chinese & English)
  • R4 - Colorin (German & English)
  • Diplomats - Picard, Wye Aye Boy, Lady Jane


Developers Notes:

Donation calculator :

  • At level 9. Each tire 1 donation give 190 + 20% = 228 donation points. Donating 23 times bring the cooldown clock to 3:59:59. Therefore (228 point) x (23 donation clicks per day) = 5244 points per day. Do this 3 time per week and you will reach. (5244 point) X (3 times per week) = 15732 points per week.

Construction Note for additional information... explain the difference between store items and for purchase and Alliance Funds

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