The Castle is the beating heart of your Estate. Upgrade to increase your March Capacity and unlock new buildings


The info sub-menu will show you the building Bonuses. The first number is the one based on the building level, and the second one (in green) is based on other bonuses (such as Research, Talent points, etc.)  "More Info" will show you an expanded view of the below table, along with the Power generated by each level.

Level March Capacity Boost Total at end of tier
1 to 5 +2,000 none 10,000
6 to 10 +2,500 none 22,500
11 to 15 +3,000 none 37,500
16 to 20 +3,500 none 55,000
21 to 25 +4,000 none 75,000
26 to 30 +4,500 none 97,500
31 to 35 +4,500 +10% 120,000
36 to 40 +10,000 +10% 150,000

When the Castle is not being upgraded, there is an additional button under the Info menu that allows you to swap the other Urban and Rural buildings (within the same category) for 200 gold pieces.

In addition to the standard sub-menus, you will see the following building specific sub-menus:

Estate Stats

Details production of each resource and estate upkeep, by bonus source, and individual resource building.


Allows you to purchase and use castle skins.

Estate Buffs

Allows you to view and use estate buffs by category.

Coat of Arms

Allows you to view and embed Coat of Arms by building.

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