Gunsofglory Wiki

Welcoming: OPG, OLY, KiX, TKO, oOo, LOS and anyone else willing to help defend this kingdom 

Filling the Wooded Forest:

  • Each castle in wooded area must have a 24 hour shield activated at the start of KVK
  • Players who elect to shield in the forest may remain in their home alliance

Tower Assignments:

***This will be updates as new information becomes available

  • Players protecting a tower will be required to join LSH.
  • Each tower leaders will be given R4 status in LSH to allow them to accept incoming applications and manage their towers.
  • The 4 tower leaders to be placed in woods next to their assigned tower.
  • Tower leaders will active mega garrison.
  • Farms to be populated in the woods (please see photo attached for checkerboard pattern)
  • All tower supporters, are to be outside the woods but close enough to reach the towers assigned to them.
  • Each C30 plus is assigned a tower. Defend your tower and send reinforcements to your tower leaders to defend his/her castle in the woods.
  • When battle erupts, please send continuous marches to your tower to replenish any lose troops.
  • Any kingdom castle not able to participate in the battle can be used to fill gaps in the forested area. Any castle electing to do this MUST have a 24 hours shield activated at the start of KVK or be available to replenish their shields PRIOR to the shields being deactivated.
  • Please see attached for a defense formation example.
  • Tower replenishment will be at tower leader's discretion. If no direction is given, replenishment will be at the player's discretion. If time allows, battle reports offers an idea of what needs to be replaced.
  • Resetting another kingdom will not be considered until we at 505 can work as a team to maintain our OWN crown.