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The Wall helps protect your Estate from enemy attacks. Upgrade to improve your Wall Defense.


The info sub-menu will show you the building Bonuses. The first number is the one based on the building level, and the second one (in green) is based on other bonuses (such as Research, Talent points, etc.)  "More Info" will show you an expanded view of the below table, along with the Power generated by each level.

Level Wall Defense Total at end of tier
0 +8,000 8,000
1 to 10 +100 9,000
11 to 21 +200 11,000
22 to 40 +300 16,700

In addition to the standard sub-menus, you will see the following building specific sub-menus:

Wall Defense

When your Estate has been attacked and lost the battle, it will burn for thirty minutes. If your Wall Defense reaches zero, your Estate will be automatically relocated.

You can extinguish the fires for 50 gold pieces.

You can manually repair the Wall for 100 Wall Defense every 30 minutes.